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Rangers sign Vladimir Guerrero's T.R. Sullivan is reporting that the Rangers have agreed to a one year deal with free agent DH Vladimir Guerrero. The Rangers hope Guerrero will improve the teams run production, which took a dip after leading the MLB in 2008.

Guerrero battled through the 2009 season to hit .295 with 15 home runs. Despite landing on the disabled list twice, the Rangers hope he can stay in the lineup to hit closer to his career .321 average, the fourth highest among all active players. 

In 193 career at-bats in Rangers Ballpark, Guerrero has hit .394 with a .471 on-base percentage and 14 home runs. 

The move certainly impacts Jermaine Dye's options, who may be a fit for the Angels in the DH spot now that Guerrero is off the market. Sullivan says Guerrero was chosen over Dye because he will have a more intimidating presence in the middle of the order, which I think most would agree with.

Dye could be an option for the Orioles, as could the Indians if they move Matt LaPorta back to left field and Travis Hafner to first base. Where else could Dye sign?