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Red Sox eye pitcher Brandon Webb?

Typical Red Sox.

The Red Sox have added several recovering injury-prone pitchers over the past few seasons and Webb would be the perfect project. Not only is Webb a top notch pitcher when healthy, but he is going to sign for a bargain rate with huge reward if he can remain healthy.

I was less optimistic about the Diamondbacks chances of signing Webb until Kevin Towers was brought abroad. Towers knows talent and forms good relationships with players. Not to say that the previous Diamondbacks GMs did not do these things, but Towers is familiar with his former rival club and probably came in looking to make a good impression and get the team back on the right course.

No doubt, the pieces are there for a competitive club. They need to cut down on strike outs, add another pitcher to match up with their younger pitchers, and hope the younger players can come out and perform like they did in 2010.