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Braves will name Fredi Gonzalez manager

The Braves have found their next manager: Fredi Gonzalez.

When coach Fredi Gonzalez left the Braves coaching staff to manager the Marlins, many said it would only be a matter of time before he was back in Atlanta. Manager Bobby Cox always spoke highly of him, and relied on him for trusted input with on-field issues and situations.

Going to Florida was a way for Gonzalez to get big-league experience instead of spending it in the minors with the Braves. Not to say that the intended plan the whole time was to bring Gonzalez back, but when the Marlins fired him it became an utmost certainty.

Gonzalez is going to be a great fit for the Braves. He is a similiar coach to Cox, having worked under him for several years, a great players manager, a familiar face in the organization who has worked with the front office and is familiar with the direction of the club.

It'll be interesting to see who the Marlins bring in next. Their past two managers - Joe Girardi and Fredi Gonzalez - both left after problems with upper management. Can they bring in another big name to spice up interest in South Florida?