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Yankees fire pitching coach Dave Eiland, Mariners interested?

With word out that the Yankees have fired pitching coach Dave Eiland, sources say that new Mariners manger Eric Wedge and front office executives are interested in hiring Eiland has pitching coach.

The M's fired pitching coach Rick Adair when they fired Don Wakamatsu last season, and are in need of a veteran coach who can turn the young M's in the right direction. 

The Dodgers, Athletics, and Mets could all benefit from Eiland on their staff, so he will likely see several interviews in the next month or two. We could even see the Pirates or Brewers extend a managerial gig to him. 

Eiland was believed to be let go for the poor performances of A.J. Burnett and other pitchers in the postseason. However, take nothing away from him, he is one of the best pitching coaches in baseball.