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Cubs favorites to sign Adam Dunn?

The Chicago Tribune spoke with agent Matt Sosnick who believes that impending free agent Adam Dunn will sign with the Cubs for a three year deal in the range of 12-13 million dollars annually. Dunn, 31, hit .260 with 38 home runs and a .356 on-base percentage. It was Dunn's seventh straight season with at least 38 home runs or more. 

Dunn has already spoke highly of Chicago and Wrigley Field, making it a nice fit. The Cubs are in need of a left-handed bat with power, and how could anyone dispute playing for Mike Quade after the way the Cubs finished the 2010 season?

Dunn would play first base and give the Cubs a solid middle of the order bat. A lineup that features Starlin Castro, Marlon Byrd, Dunn, Aramis Ramirez, Geovany Soto, Alfonso Soriano, and Tyler Colvin should be more than enough to return to the offensive output from previous seasons.

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts did say that the Cubs plan to scale back their payroll. The team also has to find rotation and bullpen stability, so they may not pursue a high-priced bat and focus on restocking the bullpen and maybe a rotation arm. 

The Nationals are going to make a run at Dunn, as well as the Braves, Giants, White Sox, Indians, and Rockies, among others.