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Manny Ramirez Wants To Play For Blue Jays?

With the Blue Jays having just hired John Farrell as their new manager, Manny Ramirez told Enrique Rojas of ESPN that he would like to play for Farrell.

"John has tremendous knowledge of the game, a very pleasant man and he trains ballplayers,"

Ramirez continued to say that he's always respected the Blue Jays organization and would love to get a chance to play for the team.

Toronto has made a great acquisition. Farrell is a manager for whom I would like to play, and Toronto is a team I've liked since they had all those Dominican players in the '80s,"

If the Blue Jays signed Ramirez, it would likely be to DH, with Adam Lind moving to first base. If the Blue Jays are interested, that would be a very intruiging combination.