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David Ortiz Reportedly "Not Comfortable" with One-Year Deal

According to, Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is "not comfortable" on coming back to Boston with just a one-year deal.

Ortiz, had yet another slow start to the season, but was able to put up great numbers after June.  Ortiz is scheduled to become a free agent if the Red Sox decline his 12.5 million dollar option. 

In an interview with Rob Bradford of WEEI, Ortiz had this to say.

"To tell you the truth, like everybody knows, I want to be back, and I want to be here for a longer period of time. I'm just a little worn out because of the negativity that I've dealt with the last few years," Ortiz insisted. "I don't think there's any baseball player that can deal with all the distractions that I deal with and play baseball. It's hard. I'm not a super hero. I'm just another human being, like everyone else. I've got feelings. I want to give this team another World Series, and dealing with all the other crap with people telling you can't do it no more, or this and that, I have no room for that. Hopefully next week we'll sit down and make everyone happy."

The Red Sox will have just three days after the World Series to make their final decision on whether or not to pick up Ortiz's option, sign him to a long-term extension, or just let him walk and save the money for someone like Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth (not that they didn't already have that money).