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Managerial/GM Grumblings

  • Former Astros manager Phil Garner expressed interest in the vacant Pirates managerial gig, according to Jim Bowden. Garner lead the Astros to a World Series in 2005 but lost to the White Sox. Overall, he is a solid manager but I don't think there is anyone in the majors who could turn the struggling Pirates around at this point in time. A relatively young manager with an eye for player development would do the Pirates well, particularly because they have an influx of youth who need direction and ways to improve if the Pirates want any chance of competing in the improving NL Central in the years to come.
  • The Mets requested to interview Marlins assistant GM Dan Jennings but were denied, according to the Miami Herald. They will also look into White Sox assistant Rick Hahn, former Rangers GM John Hart, and Padres assistant Paul DePodesta.
  • The Pirates have in fact interviewed former Indians manager Eric Wedge, as reported here yesterday.
  • The Cardinals would like to retain Cardinals manager Tony La Russa for next season, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.