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Cubs hire Nationals coach Pat Listach for staff

The Cubs have hired former Nationals third base coach Pat Listach to be the teams bench coach under Mike Quade. Quade and Listasch both worked in the Cubs organization before both breaking into the major leagues. They have coached together but were once managers for the Cubs' Triple-A and Double-A teams respectively. 

It appears the Cubs are looking to build from the ground up and having two coaches who have in-depth knowledge of the Cubs' system will really benefit them down the road. 

Not only that, but the Cubs are looking to make a run at first baseman Adam Dunn, so Dunn's transition would be made easier by having a coach who he has worked with that has also worked with the Cubs in the past.

Listach replaces Alan Trammell who was the teams bench coach under Lou Piniella's time with the club.