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Interest in Brewers' Prince Fielder mild at best?

Interest around the league in Brewers' first baseman Prince Fielder is considerably low, according to the Chicago Tribune. Fielder, 26, hit a career worst .261 with 32 home runs with 83 RBIs, the lowest since his rookie season in 2006. Fielder did appear in 161 games, and has appeared in at least 157 games every season since 2006. While his weight may sometimes be called into question, never has it shown over the course of a season. 

Why hasn't there been any interest in Fielder? At least for now, most teams are still sketching plans for the offseason and have not decided whether or not a pursuit for Fielder is worth it. Further, the Brewers have yet to make him formally available. Sure, it is out there that the team may not be able to re-sign him, but GM Doug Melvin has not aggressively tried to find a suitor.

If the Brewers traded Prince Fielder, they would need at least one major league ready pitcher along with others. While Lorenzo Cain looks like a viable outfield candidate in the future, he has less than 150 at-bats in the MLB, which is hardly enough to pencil him in at the position.

If the Blue Jays were willing to part with either outfielder Travis Snider or pitcher Ricky Romero, that could be the foundation to a deal happening across the border. The Giants have also been linked to Fielder, but it would likely cost Matt Cain or Madison Bumgarner, and both pitchers bring more value to the Giants right now.

Fielder may be shopped around the Winter Meetings. But for now, it looks like he will enter next season in Milwaukee with one year left on his contract.