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Angels in serious talks with Carl Crawford?

The Boston Globe is reporting that the Angels are in serious talks with free agent outfielder Carl Crawford. The Angels have been tied to Crawford since the season has concluded, so it is no surprise that they are trying to lock him up quickly. 

If you can remember, it was this week three years ago that the Angels signed Torii Hunter under everyones noses Thanksgiving week. Crawford is drawing considerable interest, but one of his main suitors, the Yankees, are focused primarily on pitcher Cliff Lee.

Crawford, 29, hit .307 with 19 home runs and a .356 on-base percentage in 154 games. He also scored 110 runs and stole 47 bases, a career high in runs.

Crawford would give the Angels what they hoped to get out of Torii Hunter, which is a young and agile outfielder with speed at the top of the order. Hunter has provided in other ways, putting up some of the best numbers of his career in Anaheim. The Angels may need to offer a five-year deal in the range of 12-14 million dollars a year to land him.