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Sullivan On: First Base Hole, Fukudome, Lee, Wood

Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Sullivan shared his thoughtson what he thinks the Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry needs to do this offseason in order to repair the dismal 2010 season for Cubs fans:

  • Ever since the departure of Derrek Lee, the Cubs have had huge shoes to fill at first base.  Although Lee is a free agent, he is likely to depart and sign elsewhere.  Sullivan names Adam Dunn, as the most "prominent candidate" to fill the first base void with Victor Martinez and Aubrey Huff as other potential candidates.
  • Sullivan fully believes that the Cubs need to trade outfielder Kosuke Fukudome this offseason before they make a big offer to a free agent.  You may recall they didn't sign Marlon Byrd until they traded Milton Bradley to Seattle.
  • Despite not having a clear pitching ace, Sullivan does not see the Cubs making a big run at Cliff Lee as he is well out of their price range. Instead, he sees them pursuing pitcher not as dominant as Lee, but still a veteran, front-line starter like Jon Garland.
  • Even though the Cubs parted way with Kerry Wood a few years ago when they let him sign with the Indians, Sullivan does believe the Cubs could sign Wood, who is now a free agent for another go.  However, he doubts that Wood accept a pay cut and a reduced role just to return to the windy city.