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Red Sox contact free agent Jayson Werth

The Red Sox made contact with the agent of free agent outfielder Jayson Werth, according to Werth, who became a free agent over the weekend, is one of the top free agents available this offseason. He hit .296 with 27 home runs and a .388 on-base percentage. 

The Phillies intend to pursue Werth, but are not necessarily going to bring him back regardless the asking price. Domonic Brown is expected to get a look out in right field and could platoon with Ben Francisco if the Phillies decide to focus on landing another pitcher or filling a hole elsewhere. Brown, 23, is one of the best Phillies position prospects to date. 

The Red Sox are also in need of an outfielder and plan to stay in contact with Werth, along with Carl Crawford of the Rays. Werth would fit nicely in the Red Sox lineup but is seeking at least a four year deal, something the Red Sox may not be able to afford when other holes need to be plugged.