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Rockies eyeing several free-agent pitchers?

According to the Denver Post, the Rockies are looking to add at least one starting pitcher this offseason along with Jorge De La Rosa, if they can come to a deal. The Rockies will reportedly call Jake Westbrook, Jon Garland, and Hirorki Kuroda about contracts for the 2011 season, but the particularly thin pitching market means their salaries will all likely increase.

All three pitchers posted double-digit wins this season, with Jon Garland leading the way at 14 wins. Kuroda, who posted 11 wins in 2010, was able to edge out Garland with a 3.39 ERA compared to Garland's 3.47. Westbrook posted a respectable 4.22 ERA and 10 wins in 33 starts with the Indians and Cardinals

The Rockies current rotation features Ubaldo Jimenez, Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis, and Jhoulys Chacin, who posted a 3.28 ERA in his first full season. De La Rosa, a free agent who won 16 games in 2009, only won 8 games in 20 appearances this season, but still has upside and will likely bounce back. The Rockies would like to be able to rely on Aaron Cook and Jeff Francis, but history has proven that that is not realistic. 

Adding one of the three free agent pitchers mentioned and De La Rosa will fortify their rotation and throw them right back into the conversation in the NL West, despite the World Series trophy now residing with the San Francisco Giants