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MLB legend Bob Feller dies at 92

MLB Hall of Famer and Indians great Bob Feller passed away tonight in hospice care, according to Feller remained a part of the Indians organization, more as a fan, or for a formal title team liaison, but was often seen at games supporting the Indians.

''Nobody lives forever and I've had a blessed life,'' Feller said in September. ''I'd like to stay on this side of the grass for as long as I can, though. I'd really like to see the Indians win a World Series.''

Feller, who spent all 18 seasons with the Indians, won a team record 266 games and was on the last Indians team to win a World Series. Feller was so beloved in Cleveland when he retired that his number 19 was retired forever in 1957.

Feller has statistics from 1936 to 1956, logging service time with the U.S. Navy in World War II. In fact, he was the first major league player to enlist after the U.S. was bombed at Pearl Harbor.

He is truly not just a baseball legend, but an American one.