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Yankees "satisfied" with current pitching staff? I don't think so...

Yankees GM Brian Cashman told reporters that he is content with moving into the season with his current pitching staff. The Yankees currently have C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Phil Hughes, and Ivan Nova. Free agent Andy Pettitte is mulling retirement, but sources expect him to return for yet another season. 

Could the Yankees really be satisfied with that rotation after their two biggest rivals from each league, the Red Sox and Phillies, made huge acquisitions and topped any spending the Yankees could've done? Definitely not. The Yankees would like upgrades in both the rotation and bullpen, the two biggest holes to fill on any team. 

One AL source believes the Yankees are in the midst of trade talks with a team, but are now telling people that they are content as a way to put pressure on a team to cut a deal. The source continued on saying the team could be the Indians, and the pitcher Fausto Carmona, for whom the Yankees could be targeting. 

The Yankees are not just going to sit back and let the team work itself out. They have the money to make improvements, and they appear to be in a holding pattern assessing their plans instead of spending recklessly. 

Look alive.