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Orioles interested in Derrek Lee?

The Orioles have reengaged in talks with free agent first baseman Derrek Lee, according to the Baltimore Sun. Lee, who hit .260 with 19 home runs and 80 RBIs between the Braves and Cubs last season, has not drawn as much interest on the open market as some would have guessed. 

Lee has not been the same since his wrist injury during the 2006 season, but he has rebounded nicely in years past. At this point in his career, if he can put up .280+ average and 20 home runs, that's all you can really expect. 

Lee would be a nice addition for the Orioles. He would bring a veteran presence to the team and is a natural leader. The Orioles like him and Adam LaRoche, so it will probably come down to who signs for a better deal.