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Red Sox finalize trade for Adrian Gonzalez without extension

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The Red Sox have finalized and announced a trade with the Padres that sends Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox in exchange for prospects Casey Kelly, Reymond Fuentes, Anthony Rizzo, and a player to be named later. The deal does not include an extension because the deal could not be agreed upon. However, they now have a full season to lock him or potentially deal him, which seems so unlikely now. 

Gonzalez gives the Red Sox added presence in the AL East with a young and surging pitching staff, as well as an imposing offense. 

It will be very interesting to see how teams in the division respond to this move. The Yankees are still pursuing Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford, and the Blue Jays are looking to acquire Zach Greinke. The Orioles just acquired Mark Reynolds from the Diamondbacks and the Rays are looking to salvage their stance in the East after likely losing Carlos Pena and Carl Crawford.