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Winter Meetings: MLB Rumors from Orlando

  • White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf told me that he is confident his team will sign Paul Konerko despite reports that he has another multi-year offer on the table. 
  • Sources indicate that Matt Diaz is drawing interest from five teams, with the Red Sox being one of those teams.
  • Multiple sources believe that the Nationals have not extended a seven-year offer to Cliff Lee. The Yankees and Rangers are both willing to sign him for six.
  • The Cubs met with Brandon Webb's agent today.
  • The Orioles are getting into progressively deeper talks with the Braves regarding Kenshin Kawakami.
  • Jorge Cantu is drawing interest from at least five teams.
  • Gracing the lobby are the likes of Gary Sheffield, Fred McGriff, Greg Maddux (now advisor to the Cubs), among others.
  • The Phillies met with the agent of Dennys Reyes.
  • The Rays and Orioles are discussing multiple trades involving Jason Bartlett.
  • The Mets spoke with free agent veteran Freddy Garcia, among others.
  • Boof Bonser is finding considerable interest on the open market.
  • The Yankees, White Sox, and Reds have all expressed interest in Kerry Wood.

All right, back to the lobby. See you in a few.