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Players attending Free Agent Showcase

Tomorrow through February 4th, Rays scout Rob Ducey is hosting a Free Agent Showcase for remaining free agents to find a job. Maybe I was naive when I thought guys like Orlando Hudson, Johnny Damon, or Kevin Gregg would be attending. But I had to use the good 'ole "player search" to refresh myself on some of these guys:

Pitchers – Nick Bierbrodt, Wayne Hedden, Kyle Jackson, Javier Martinez, Yu Miyake, Neal Musser, Will Startup, Aaron Wideman 

Catchers – Luis Bautista, Jeffrey Christy, Pete LaForest, Edwin Rodriguez, Steve Strausbaugh 

Infielders – Joe Jiannetti, Kody Kirkland, Josh Pressley, Robert Spain 

Outfielders – Tim Battle, Sheldon Fulse, Tim Raines Jr., Steve Moss  

If any of these guys get signed out of this showcase than it should be considered a successful event! The showcase will be held at Al Lang Field in Tampa.