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Twins to sign Joe Mauer to 10-year extension?

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UPDATE: Multiple sources are refuting the first report, saying that a deal is close but not yet complete.

The Twins and Joe Mauer have reportedly come to terms on a 10-year contract extension. The Twins management and fans have to be thrilled with this resolution, locking down one of the games elite athletes and ridding themselves of season-long "Joe Mauer contract" speculation from the media.

Mauer had a breakout 2009 season, hitting .365 with 28 home runs and a .444 on-base percentage in 138 games. Mauer also came away from the 2009 season with the AL MVP award, his second consecutive Gold Glove, and his third All-Star appearance. This ten year contract, assuming it kicks in after the 2010 season, will span all the way until the year 2020. 

He is a career .327 hitter in 6 professional seasons.