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Tigers sign Johnny Damon is reporting that the Tigers and free agent Johnny Damon have (finally) agreed to a one year deal worth 8 million dollars. 

Damon recently confessed that he has a crush on Detroit all along, pledging allegiance to the Detroit Red Wings and saying he loves octopus, something Red Wings fans use to throw on the ice if a player scores a hat trick.

With the signing of Damon, the Tigers will likely send Austin Jackson back to Triple-A for more seasoning. Jackson hit .300 at Triple-A with 4 home runs and a .354 OBP. 

Jackson could be brought up after the first month or two of the season, splitting time with three aging veterans -Carlos Guillen, Johnny Damon, and Magglio Ordonez - Both Guillen and Ordonez could be on the trade market next season.

Damon does give the Tigers the leadoff hitter they have been looking for all offseason.