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Carl Crawford tables contract talks till after season

The Rays and Carl Crawford have decided to table contract negotiations till after the season, according to the St. Petersburg Times. Crawford hit .305 last season for the Rays, but stole 60 bases and posted a career hit .364 on-base percentage.

 Crawford, 28, could receive a five or six year deal in the range of 10-12 million dollars. 

It is possible the Rays could move Crawford midseason if he is having a particularly good year. They may not get the same haul they could have gotten if they moved him this offseason, but Crawford is the type of player who could net a team several top prospects. 

I see the Yankees being involved in trade discussions, and its possible a team eyeing a postseason bid will take him and then collect on the draft picks. 

Who else do you see getting involved if the Rays make him available?