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Will Adrian Gonzalez be traded?

Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez is already generating buzz on the open market. New White Sox ace Jake Peavy is selling the idea to GM Kenny Williams, even though the White Sox shipped top pitching prospect Aaron Poreda to San Diego in the deal that netted the Sox Peavy.

Gonzalez is coming off a 40 home run season, but his numbers are deceiving.

Gonzalez was a monster on the road, compiling a .306 average and hitting 28 home runs in 80 road games. At home, Gonzalez hit a weak .244 with just 12 home runs. If he were to move to a more hitter friendly stadium, he could shatter his 2009 numbers.

As for teams that could be interested in Gonzalez, you can add the White Sox to the list. However, the White Sox would likely have to surrender Gordon Beckham and/or first round pick Jared Mitchell.

The Orioles could potentially make a move on Gonzalez, surrendering a top prospect like Chris Tillman and Brandon Snyder in exchange for the power hitter. While the Orioles may not be willing to surrender a top prospect like Tillman, adding Gonzalez would strengthen their lineup and put them in contention in the American League.

Would the Mariners be willing to surrender Cliff Lee in exchange for Gonzalez? Lee is in line for a big extension, and with Felix Hernandez already anchoring the rotation, the Mariners must decide if they want to lean more on pitching or offense in the future. Adding Gonzalez would put the emphasis on offense.

What other teams do you see entering in the mix for Gonzalez?