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Rockies extend Todd Helton

The Rockies have agreed to a contract restructuring that will extend first baseman Todd Helton's contract through the 2013 season. Helton would be 40 when the contract runs up, and there is an option in his contract to join the club in another role.

Helton is set to earn 19.5 million dollars in 2011 with a 4.5 million dollar buyout in 2012. Under his contract restructuring, Helton will receive a 4.5 million dollar signing bonus along with a 6 million dollar base salary in 2011, with 13 million dollars being deferred until after his playing career.

Helton will earn 4.9 million dollars in 2012 and 5 million dollars in 2013 under his new deal.

What do you guys this of this deal? Helton has really had only one misstep in terms of batting average, hitting .264 in 2008 in an injury-shortened season.