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Tigers to release Dontrelle Willis?

Lynn Henning of the The Detroit News expects the Tigers to cut ties with once All-Star pitcher Dontrelle Willis. Willis, who has surrendered just one run in ten innings of work this spring, is said to be behind the rest of the competition for the final spot in the bullpen. 

The Tigers rotation as it stands now will be Justin Verlander, Rick Porcello, Max Scherzer, Nate Robertson, and Jeremy Bonderman. The Tigers have already sent down Armando Gallaraga, leaving Eddie Bonine and Willis for the final spot. 

Willis' fastball has failed to reach 90 mph this spring, but he has showed better control than in the past.

While it is entirely possible the Tigers could release Willis before spring, why not tuck him away in Triple-A to see if his arm needs a little more time to regain its strength? If the team puts him on the DL, he could spend an extra two weeks in extended spring training, than "rehab" for the first two months of the season in Triple-A to try and regain some of that pop.

All right, maybe that sounded bad.

If the Tigers release Willis, several teams will jump at the chance to sign a World Series winning pitcher who could help them for the latter part of the season.