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Diamondbacks still trying to move Chris Snyder?

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The Diamondbacks are content with giving catcher Miguel Montero the starting nod over Chris Snyder, according to the Arizona Republic. The Diamondbacks have a cheaper replacement in John Hester as a backup, making Snyder expendable. Montero is only hitting .133 this spring, but hit .294 in 128 games with 16 home runs.

Snyder is owed 10.5 million dollars over the next two seasons, and has a 6.75 million dollar option for the 2012 season. Finding a suitor won't be easy, so the Diamondbacks would have to assume a good amount of his salary.

The Brewers could be an option, but GM Doug Melvin has stated he is content with the teams catching situation. It is possible the Rangers could enter the mix, as well as the Mariners if they can take on anymore payroll.