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Rangers still pursuing Mike Lowell's Jim Reeves is reporting that the Rangers are still pursuing Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell, but have their eyes on other options as well. The recent addition of Andres Blanco from the Cubs gives manager Ron Washington another option off the bench, except Blanco has never played third base in the majors. 

The Rangers continue to scout Lowell, who has only appeared in 5 games this spring, but still appear willing to deal prospect Max Ramirez, as discussed during the offseason. 

The Rangers are looking for a back up corner infielder who would allow Michael Young, Chris Davis, and Vlad Guerrero to rest on occaision. They also have their eyes on Cubs non-roster invitee Kevin Millar, who appears to be battling Chad Tracy for a spot on Lou Piniella's bench. 

Reeves says the team has also looked at Wes Helms on the Marlins, Fernando Tatis on the Mets, and Geoff Blum on the Astros. Their pursuit for help outside the organization stems from disappointing performances from their own internal candidates.

"Because nobody is trying to seize the opportunity, it makes it difficult," Washington said. 

 With Opening Day right around the corner, finding a corner infielder is becoming imperative.