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MLB considering spring training sites in Italy is reporting that Major League Baseball is discussing the possibility of sending one or two teams to Italy for spring training in either 2011 or 2012. MLB has been trying to establish other spring training sites in Europe to showcase U.S. baseball, but most countries in Europe still have bad weather in March.

Reports suggest the site most likely to be chosen would be Sicily, where the weather is nicer in March. 

If the plan becomes a reality, MLB would try to send two teams for a week to play each other several times, and maybe even stop by MLB's Italian Baseball Complex for amateur prospects. 

Spring Training games have been played in other places besides Arizona and Florida. Games have been played in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Taiwan. Games have also been played in Japan and China. 

The NBA has sent several teams to Europe for preseason games, and the response was encouraging. Some other sites that MLB should consider:

The Netherlands: The Netherlands were a pleasant surprise in the last World Baseball Classic, upsetting the Dominican Republic before being shutdown in a 9-3 loss to the U.S. Several young players, namely Jair Jurrjens, hail from the Netherlands, which would suggest that there is other promising talent waiting to be noticed.  

Australia: The land down under has been a source of some major league talent in the States and playing games there would be a way to familiarize people with the sport. It is very far away, but a low revenue team like the Pirates or Royals could benefit from some extra (exhibition) games in a new market. 

Nicaragua: Baseball is very popular in Nicaragua and they treat their players like royalty. Dennis Martinez, who racked up 245 career wins and a 3.70 ERA, is a national hero and certainly household name.

Send along any other suggestions you can think of!