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Cubs should enter mix for Juan Cruz

The Royals are looking to unload pitcher Juan Cruz and are willing to absorb some of his contract, according to Tracy Ringolsby. Cruz posted a 5.72 ERA last season for the Royals but owns a career 4.14 ERA in his career with the Cubs, Braves, Athletics, Diamondbacks, and now Royals.

In his two seasons with the Diamondbacks from 2007-2008, he posted a 2.85 ERA and struck out 156 total batters.

The Cubs are already having bullpen issues and would benefit from a guy like Juan Cruz bridging the gap to Carlos Marmol. The 31-year old former Cub, who in fact aged about 8 years in a span of three with the Cubs (minor visa issues...), would be a great addition to the pen.

Nevertheless, the combination of Esmalin Caridad and Jeff Gray has already got off to a rocky start, and it would be worth grabbing him early before the bullpen really gets shaken up. So far this season, Cruz owns a 1.93 ERA and six strike outs.