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Red Sox lose Jacoby Ellsbury is reporting that Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury has hairline fractures in four of his ribs, which will keep him out of play for an extended period of time. Ellsbury, who has been out since April 11, has failed to make any significant progress in his early rehab.

"We keep people out of competition until there is no tenderness, (they) don't have problems breathing and there is no stress,'' Gill said. ``(It's) strictly symptom-based — these injuries are based on how long the symptoms last. As soon as he can swing, run, field and do everything he is supposed to do, he can return.''

With both Ellsbury and Mike Cameron on the disabled list, Josh Reddick, Jeremy Hermida, and Bill Hall will share responsibilities for the two outfield spots. Hermida is only hitting .250 in 12 games this season, but his acquisition may really benefit the Red Sox early on this season as the Yankees and Rays are both in the midst of hot starts. 

Reddick, 23, will get his chance to play everyday now, and it may his only chance to prove himself at the major league level this season. That may work in the Red Sox favor...