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Alan Embree threatens to opt out if Red Sox don't promote him

Red Sox pitcher Alan Embree is thriving in Triple-A, as expected, but the Red Sox may not have room to add him to the roster by Friday's deadline. Embree owns a 3.68 ERA, but has not surrendered a run in five outings and is threatening to opt of of his contract if he is not called up by weeks end.

"There's not going to be any extending of the deadline anymore. I've been a good soldier, I did whatever's asked, and I did what it took to get ready," Embree said today in Pawtucket, where he is working himself into major league shape.

Embree posted a 5.84 ERA in 36 games last season for the Red Sox, but he owns a career 4.59 ERA pitching since 1992. If Embree becomes a free agent, you can count on the Cubs taking a look at him, sources have informed me.

The Cubs are in dire need of bullpen help and Embree may be able to provide some relief to the middle of that bullpen, as well as some veteran guidance for young guns James Russell and Justin Berg

He may also emerge as an option for the Tigers, but they may prefer to go with in-house options.