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Yankees v. Red Sox position battle: Second Base

The New York Post published a story today that says Reggie Jackson and scouts agree that Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano is better than his Red Sox counterpart Dustin Pedroia.

"I'll go with Cano over Pedroia. Cano is a left-handed hitter and can hit for more power," said a scout who watched Cano recently. "With Pedroia [Fenway Park] is made for his swing. Pedroia can do some things but Cano has better range, better arm strength and turns the double play better."

In 253 career games at Fenway Park, Pedroia with .325 with 25 home runs compared to his away numbers, which currently stand at a .287 line with 23 home runs in 247 games.

Cano, on the other hand, is a .306 hitter in 365 games at Yankee Stadium with 47 home runs compared to .310 on the road with 45 home runs.

Both players have stepped up in big ways for their respective clubs in the post season and are both at the top of all the statistical rankings for second baseman in the league.

So who is the better second baseman? Pedroia owns a .298 average in 20 games this season while Cano is hitting .389 with 5 home runs in 19 games this season.