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Athletics concerned over Trevor Cahill?

The Athletics are reportedly concerned over a sore left shoulder bothering Trevor Cahill. Yes, Cahill is right-handed, but his injury is hampering his ability to lift his throwing shoulder.

Cahill will be a sidelined for a week before he is reassessed, but this is not a good sign for the second-year pitcher.

Cahill posted a 10-13 record in his rookie season, striking out 90 in 32 starts. The A's are very much in contention for the postseason in 2010. While they have two pitchers - Ben Sheets and Justin Duchscherer - who have not pitched since 2008, they mix with some of their young pitchers to form a strong rotation.

The (temporary) subtraction of Cahill definitely hurts, but in the long run it would be better to have him than to be saddled with a "Mark Prior-like" situation. 

The 22-year old has been placed on the disabled list.