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Rockies starting pitching options

The Rockies are already exploring external options for their rotation in the event that pitchers Greg Smith and Jeff Francis cannot produce on the mound. So far, they have denied reports of interest in Jarrod Washburn while others have speculated that Braden Looper may be a better option.

Let's take a look at some of their options:

Jarrod Washburn: A solid all around lefty who put above average numbers before being shipped off to Detroit, where he posted a 7.33 ERA in 8 games. Washburn, a career AL-pitcher, owns a 4.10 ERA and may be able to have some success in Colorado if he can keep the ball in the lower half of the strike zone.

Braden Looper: Looper posted 14 wins last season but remains unsigned. His veteran know-how and solid arm would fit in nicely for the depleted Rockies.

Pedro Martinez: Why not? Coors Field is arguably one of the most exciting places to watch a ball game and we all know how much Martinez thrives off that kind of energy. Give him two months and he will be ready to assume a spot at the back-end of the rotation just as summer baseball heats up.