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Mets shopping Luis Castillo... again

In nearly every article with trade speculation directed at the Mets, Luis Castillo has been mentioned in conversation. That is because the Mets have been emphatically trying to move Castillo for the past two seasons, trying to spin him in deals to the Rays, Cubs, and Dodgers, among other places.

Castillo is hitting just .256 with 0 home runs and 11 RBIs in 35 games this season, and owns a career .292 average. Castillo, who owns a career .368 on-base percentage, has a posted a .341 OBP in 2010. Castilo is making 6 million dollars this season and is set to make 6 million next season, making him fairly undesirable if he cannot prove to be productive.

The report suggests that the Rockies could be an option considering their current utility-man Melvin Mora is under performing. The Mets certainly won't be able to move him if he fails to improve his average, so I'd log this under the trade deadline rumors for now.