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Giants could be option for Austin Kearns

The Indians made a great find in signing outfielder Austin Kearns, who between 2008 and 2009 hit .206 with 10 home runs. Kearns came to the Indians on a minor league contract and battled his way onto the active roster. He is now hitting .294 in 33 games with 3 home runs and a .370 on-base percentage. 

The Indians are already 9.5 games out of first and are showing no signs of turning it around. They could use some relief, and it is possible if they trade some pieces that they could land themselves some promising prospects.'s Ken Rosenthal suggests that the Giants would benefit from Kearns, who is making just 750,000 dollars this season. The Giants are also linked to free agent Jermaine Dye, but have yet to make any serious moves on that.