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Giants call up Buster Posey, Cubs to call up Andrew Cashner?

Two of the NL's top prospects are reaching the majors in the coming days. 

After hitting .349 in 47 games with 6 home runs and a .442 on-base percentage, and catching the Fresno pitching staff to a 3.37 ERA in 424.1 innings of work this season., the Giants will call up the top prospect. Posey hit .325 with 18 home runs and a .416 on-base percentage in 2009 and is in a position to have a huge impact on the Giants offense.

It is possible Posey will take time away from Bengie Molina at catcher, considering he is hitting .203 in May, but he could also take some time at first base.

The Cubs informed top pitching prospect Andrew Cashner, despite posting a 2.09 ERA in 10 appearances (9 starts), that he will be moving back to the bullpen. The move will likely get Cashner to the majors quicker, but he already seemed on the fast track to being a starter in the majors and would have likely seen time in the majors this season anyway.

Regardless, the Cubs bullpen is taxed and he will provide some temporary relief when he is called up Monday. Personally, if Randy Wells, who has posted a 6.48 ERA in three starts in May (all losses), they could try someone like Cashner in the rotation and hope he has season like Randy Wells had in 2009. 

The Giants are 2.5 games out of first and could use a spark in the offense to battle against the Dodgers and Padres. The Cubs are 5 games out of first and are showing no signs of going on a good run, but they seem more willing to promote from within this season and that could have its benefits.