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Should the Nationals move Matt Capps?

The Nationals were very fortunate to sign closer Matt Capps after he was cut by the Pirates last offseason. He owns a 2.96 ERA, a full fifty points lower than his career line. Capps also has 17 saves this season, only ten short of his career high save total.

Capps has also shown incredible control, walking just 6 to 23 strike outs. If Capps continues his solid run, should the Nationals consider moving him?

They already called up Drew Storen, their closer of the future who has a 1.69 ERA in five games. Several teams could use a reliable closer down the stretch, and the Nats would benefit from receiving prospects in return.

The Twins could be an option should he be made available. They inquired about Padres closer Heath Bell a while back, but adding Capps would probably be a cheaper addition who would provide similar relief.