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Angels first baseman Kendry Morales, replacement search begins

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After Angels first baseman Kendry Morales broke his leg during his walk-off celebration in yesterday's game, the team has started the process of looking for a replacement. Morales was hitting .290 with 11 home runs and a .346 on-base percentage before the injury, and the Angels need a bat to replace the production. 

The Angels have several possibilities around the league, but sources say the team was gearing up for a run at a starting pitcher, and this will certainly derail those plans.

As for first base options around the league, let's take a look at who they could pursue:

Juan Miranda, Yankees

Paul Konerko, White Sox

Adrian Gonzalez, Padres

Travis Hafner, Indians

Prince Fielder, Brewers

Derrek Lee, Cubs

Eric Hinske, Braves

Of the list above, Konerko, Lee, and Hinske are the only players that will be free agents after this season. Gonzalez and Fielder are both free agents after the 2011 season, but have been discussed in trades already this season. 

If you are the Angels, who do you pursue for first base?