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The Mets won't resign Rod Barajas...yet.

Yesterday, David Lennon of Newsday suggested that the Mets extend the contract of Rod Barajas, who is set to be a free agent after the season. But that idea does not seem to have any legs:

#Mets official said won't be discussed until after season. RT @jameskann: Wait until after season to re-sign Barajas. What's the rush now?

Totally agree with the "Mets official" on this one. While Barajas has been a gift for the Mets this season, there is simply no hurry to get this deal done now. Aside from the fact that Barajas is 35 years old, the Mets cannot be convinced that his bat will stay at his current levels for the entire 2010 campaign. Despite his hot start, Barajas's career stats suggest that his bat is sure to level out and his home run rate and slugging percentage are sure to drop.

If the Mets are going to commit to Barajas after the season, then they will need to seem him continue to handle the pitching staff well and continue to hit enough to warrant a new deal. Right now it just doesn't make sense to commit to Barajas beyond this season.