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Brandon Wood must play.

No matter how bad Brandon Wood has been for the Angels this season, once again opportunity knocks for the young third baseman:

Perhaps something good will come out of this situation. There’s been enough gloom and doom this season already.

Brandon Wood has to play now, at least until Erick Aybar gets back into the lineup, and in addition Wood has to show his defensive versatility. Perhaps the challenge of playing shortstop will help him relax at the plate. Not much else has seemed to work.

Wood has been absolutely horrific at the plate for the Angels this season and it's realistic to think that if Wood does not perform over the next few weeks, the Angels might be forced to cut their losses with Wood and DFA him. At one time, Wood was the Angels' top prospect, but his inability to make contact and hit for power have turned Wood from a top prospect to a liability at the plate. Wood has not hit at all in the majors this season (or in the minors for that fact), but once again, the opportunity is there for him to show what he can (or can't) do thanks to the injuries to Maicer Izturis and Erick Aybar.