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The Mike Lowell Sweepstakes

Mike Lowell has accumulated a whopping 67 at bats this season and it sure sounds like he needs to leave Boston:

A Red Sox source ruled out any possibility of Mike Lowell going to the Los Angeles Angels in the wake of first baseman Kendry Morales going down with a broken ankle suffered while celebrating a walk-off grand slam over the weekend.

While the Angels are not a possible destination, it does appear the Red Sox are listening to Lowell's request to try to move him. A baseball source with knowledge of the situation told that there are a number of clubs that have contacted the Red Sox about the possibility of acquiring Lowell, including the Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.


As David Ortiz heated up last month, Lowell told reporters in mid-May he thought it might be best for the team to just release him.

"I literally eat up a roster spot," he said. "I literally do. That's the way it is. ...

"The first baseman [Kevin Youkilis] and the third baseman [Adrian Beltre], they're two Gold Glovers. They never get batted for. I refuse to wish injuries to good players. That's so [expletive] terrible. I want to get playing time on my own.

On one hand, you have to feel bad for Lowell. Here is a guy who has been a starter his whole career and now thanks to injuries and a dip in performance over the past two seasons, he has been relegated to a bench player who hardly plays. But then again, don't feel to badly for the 36 year old Lowell, who is earning a whopping $12.5 million this season. But I digress....

The problem for Lowell is that the teams mentioned to be interested in his services all have a compelling reason not to go after Lowell. The White Sox are struggling and could be sellers shortly; the Rangers have the resurgent Vladimir Guerrero as their DH: and the Mariners have Mike Sweeney...would Lowell provide that much of an upgrade? Not in my opinion.

As tough as this must be for Lowell, it has to be a tough spot for the Red Sox. While the Red Sox want to do what's right for Lowell, the last thing they want to see happen is Lowell thrive for a team that they could face down the road with the playoffs on the line.