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White Sox, Angels interested in Nats' Adam Dunn?

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the White Sox and Angels have interest in trading for Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn. Dunn, who is entering a contract year, has emerged as a fan favorite and leader for the Nationals in just two seasons with the club. So far, he is hitting .276 with 17 home runs and a .366 on-base percentage. Dunn is a career .251 hitter so it is nice to see him improving on his average.

Sources say the Nationals are considering an extension for Dunn, but that won't be discussed until after the season. However, Dunn would really help both the White Sox and the Angels. 

For the White Sox, he would give them a designated hitter who can actually do some hitting. Their current DH, Andruw Jones, is hitting a sloppy .199. He would also split some time at first with Paul Konerko and right field with Carlos Quentin.

For the Angels, he would replace Kendry Morales' bat in their lineup, giving them a stronger lineup for the second half of the season. With Morales coming back in 2011, the Angels could collect two draft picks if Dunn becomes a Type-A free agent.