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Stephen Strasburg pitches five scoreless in final tuneup

After an impressive minor league showing, capped off by five scoreless innings today, Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is in line to make his next start in Washington on Tuesday. 

Strasburg is 6-2 with a 1.43 ERA in 10 minor league starts this season, striking out 60 to just 12 walks. While I think Strasburg is in line to have huge success in the major leagues, the Nationals are going to be mindful of his pitch count and it is important he has good control. Hitters will definitely want to see Strasburg throw the ball so they can get a better feel for them, and that is where he may struggle if he can't keep the ball in the zone, or is in the zone too much. 

Either way, the Strasburg show is just about to begin.