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Aramis Ramirez to the DL

Aramis Ramirez, mired in a season-long slump while batting a  putrid .168, has been dealing with a nagging thumb injury (deep bruise) that will finally land him on the disabled list. While Ramirez got off to a slow start before the injury, any baseball player knows how debilitating a thumb bruise can be while gripping and swinging a bat. Many Cubs fans seem to be forgetting, though, that Ramirez missed the final portion of spring training with a tricep injury and never seemed to find his swing in the early going. While it's possible Ramirez could finally be on the decline, I think the break may give him time to clear his head and correct any flaws in his swing associated with the injury. Cubs fans and fantasy owners must hope for a speedy recovery as Chad Tracy, while a valuable utility man, provides neither the production or lineup presence of a healthy Aramis Ramirez.