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Weekend Quick Hits


  • The Yankees have interest in Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn and Royals closer Joakim Soria, according to The Yankees "identified" these two players as guys they would love to have at some point down the road, whether it is for this season or the next one. Both players would fit greatly into the Yankees' plans. 
  • San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos sneezed his way on to the disabled list. It isn't so bad though, considering the Padres wanted to give him a few extra days off as it is. "If it had to happen at any time, this was a good time," Latos said. "They wanted to put me on a break here."  
  • The Twins had to place Justin Morneau on the disabled list with a concussion, which could really impact the power hitting left-hander for the second half of the season. 
  • TBS will air the infamous George Steinbrenner-related Seinfeld episodes in honor the late (great) Yankees owner. If you haven't seen them, they are hilarious. Check them out!