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Red Sox, Yankees Eyeing Same Players

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have taken their rivalry to the trade market. Reports have come out of Boston that the Sox are interested in Leo Nunez and Cody Ross. Earlier, reports were out that the Yankees are targeting Nunez and Ross.

Then today, Ed Price tweeted that the AL East rivals are both interested in Blue Jays lefty Scott Downs.

While the Rays wait in the wings, the Red Sox and Yankees are going hard after the same players. The Yankees have prioritized bench help and bullpen help over starting pitching, even following Andy Pettitte's injury.

Could a possible trade for either the Yankees or the Red Sox have the impact on the AL East race that it decides it? Depending on the details of the trade, it is definitely possible.

Leo Nunez can be a very solid set-up man for either team. Cody Ross would be a 4th outfielder on the Yankees, but could slide into a starting role with the Red Sox. Scott Downs would be an excellent lefty set-up man for either team.

With each year's pennant race being decided by a last few games down the stretch, who knows? The Yankees and Red Sox face off in the final three games of the season. We could possibly see Scott Downs striking out David Ortiz or Robinson Cano in the pivotal moment of the division race.