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NL East Rumors

Here are some NL East rumors floating around.

-The Braves have considered Toronto's Jose Bautista, Kansas City's David DeJesus, Florida's Cody Ross, Milwaukee's Corey Hart and Washington's Josh Willingham according to Mark Bowman.

-The Mets signed Chad Cordero earlier today according to Ken Rosenthal and are considering Octavio Dotel (a friends uncle actually!) and Scott Downs as well.

-The Phillies are in "heavy talks" to acquire Roy Oswalt according to Ed Price. If Philadelphia got Oswalt, it has been speculated that they would move Jayson Werth to a team like the Rays or Padres.

-The Marlins have Jorge Cantu drawing interest from the Giants according to Jon Morosi.

-The Nationals are reluctant to trade Matt Capps, Adam Dunn, and Josh Willingham according to Adam Kilgore.