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Alan Trammell makes most sense as next Cubs manager

When Cubs manager Lou Piniella announced that he would retire at the end of the season, speculation immediately turned to the most coveted names on the market. Yankees manager Joe Girardi, Dodgers manager Joe Torre, and even Cardinals manager Tony La Russa have all been rumored as possibilities to take over the Cubs '11.

But, given the Cubs' current situation, the best man for the job is current bench coach Alan Trammell. The Cubs, in the past, have chosen the big name available - last two managers being Dusty Baker and Lou Piniella - but they would benefit from staying within the organization with someone that the players like and respect.

Trammell has earned the respect of the Cubs not just at the major league level, but through the entire minor league system. He is incredibly hardworking and has worked with the infielders and some of the younger players with their offense. Not only is he familiar with some of the Cubs' young players, but he is well aware of the Cubs' current situation and the direction of the team.

Promoting Trammell would also allow the Cubs to promote Iowa Cubs manager Ryne Sandberg up to the major league club. He could then serve as bench coach with the idea being he would become manager once Trammell's time with the team runs out. 

The reason this move makes the most sense is because the Cubs do not need the spotlight and attention that comes with bringing in a high-profile manager. The team is nurturing some young players, with the end goal obviously being making the Cubs a younger and stronger team.